Prime Black Angus Beef: Restaurant Meat Wholesalers & Suppliers

We are a family operated cattle ranch that combines tradition and technology to provide the Rockies with high-quality Prime Black Angus beef.

A Family Tradition

Tonya Huwa has always strived for excellence. She is one of a small number of women ranchers striving to improve the cattle business. The difference in her approach makes a difference you can taste. As a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur and a fourth-generation rancher, Tonya is carrying her family’s work into the future. She takes pride in raising herds of the highest-ranked Prime Black Angus cattle, prepped and primed for your restaurant’s needs through her meat wholesaler business.

A Family Tradition, Handed Down

Tonya first got into ranching with her grandfather, a man who had a sharp eye for excellence and the ability to spot the best cattle by sight alone. His skills and dedication inspired Tonya to follow in his footsteps, forging her own path as she carries on that work today with Huwa Ranch. As a mother of five, Tonya raises her children on the same land where she raises her cattle. Her close care and attention make a high quality of life for her cattle and the highest quality Prime Black Angus beef for your family to enjoy. Tonya and her crew personally oversee their herd from birth to harvest. Tonya's cattle thrive on fresh Colorado water and grass with a corn finish, all proudly raised on our family farm.

Is Your Restaurant Searching for High-Quality, Locally Raised Meat?

Are you looking for steaks for your restaurant? Tonya’s Reserve can supply you with farm-raised Prime Black Angus beef cuts that are locally renowned for their quality. With perfect marbling and rich flavor intensified through a 28-day dry-aging process, Tonya’s Reserve cuts are exclusively available to our partners at high-end steakhouses. Don’t hesitate to make Tonya’s Reserve your wholesale Prime Black Angus beef supplier. Your customers will taste the Huwa difference in the unparalleled flavor and tenderness you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Quality Promise

Antibiotic, Hormone, & Steroid Free

Farm To Plate

Grass Fed, Corn Finished

Family Raised, Mom Approved

Dry Aged

Exceptional Flavor & Tenderness

Fourth-Generation Colorado Ranchers

Tonya personally oversees her small herd right next to her home in Colorado. With Tonya’s Reserve wholesale Prime Black Angus beef, you’re selling your customers more than just an exceptional dining experience. What you’re offering is an opportunity to support sustainable meat production from a fourth-generation Colorado rancher. Diners desire quality and exceptional flavor. With Tonya’s Reserve, you can serve them deliciously marbled steak and stand behind the people who bring it to their table. When you get steaks from our meat wholesaler company, you are taking part in a rich family tradition and making sure your restaurant offers high-grade cuts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We had the opportunity to have the Huwa Beef. As a hunter and year over year 4-H beef purchaser, the beef Huwa provides was awesome! Great marbling and flavor. Great family and a great product. The beef they are turning out is as good if not better than Wagyu I have had in 5 star steak restaurants. Highly recommend buying!!!!"

, Barry Sweigart

Family-Raised Prime Black Angus Beef from Tonya’s Reserve

For highly marbled cuts that are full of flavor and tenderness, restaurants turn to our exceptional Prime Black Angus beef. At Tonya’s Reserve, we are committed to providing high-quality Prime Black Angus selections that are free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. Our USDA-inspected cuts come from grass-fed, corn-finished cattle that are family raised with a personal touch, and our meat is dry-aged for 28 days to achieve superior flavor. Contact Tonya’s Reserve today so your patrons can taste the difference in our farm-to-table Prime Black Angus beef.